Building Inspector

The Building Inspector’s Office performs building code inspections of structures, facilities, and various service systems (plumbing, etc.) to ensure safety and code compliance.  The Building Inspector’s Office reviews plans, issues appropriate permits when necessary, enforces all applicable building codes within the City limits, and ensures completion of all such improvements in accordance with City standards and adopted ordinances.  You can find all Building Permit applications HERE.

The Building Inspector’s Inspector’s office also serves as Flood Plain Manager, in-accordance with FEMA floodplain standards.  The Department reviews plans and permit applications involving flood plain projects, and enforces city floodplain codes under national flood standards (NFIP).  Any questions related to flood plain use should be directed to the Building Inspector at 573-221-0111.

A list of City Owned Properties for sale can be found HERE. The list will be periodically updated as properties are added/removed. If you have any questions about the properties for sale, please contact Edie Graupman at 573-221-0111 ext. 216.

The Building Inspector’s Office is also responsible for code enforcement; abatement of public nuisances, such as trash, weeds, and/or unsightly & unsanitary conditions.  In Hannibal, a public nuisance is defined as committing any act or creating any condition that may injure or endanger public health, safety, or comfort, or negatively impact the quality or value of property.

Nuisances may involve exterior junk about the premises of a home, junk vehicles, derelict autos, excessive grass/weed growth, dangerous trees that may fall and injure or cause damage, and garbage, trash, and debris lying about the property.  Parking commercial-grade vehicles and equipment in residential areas is also a public nuisance.

Like many cities, property maintenance codes were enacted in Hannibal to preserve the quality and beauty of the community.  If residents keep their properties maintained, the whole neighborhood remains clean and attractive.  If one resident has old tires, buckets, barrels, and trash lying around their property, the quality of the neighborhood suffers, and home values for everyone in that neighborhood along with it.

Typically, public nuisances are addressed by the city through issuance of a 7-day notification letter, describing the specific nuisance, and requesting the resident address/remove the nuisance within 7 days.  A re-inspection will occur on the 8thday.  If the nuisance still exists, the resident will be prosecuted in municipal court.

It is not the city’s intent to harass citizens; rather, we wish to preserve the quality and character of property within our community – for everyone.  Most residents who live next door to the public nuisance would agree, as do most cities in the U.S.

To read more about public nuisances and the enforcement process, please reference the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 19 – Nuisances on this website.  You may also report a problem HERE.  

NOTE: Your personal identity will be held strictly confidential for any concern you report to us.  Once reported, the matter actually becomes the city’s complaint; your anonymity will be protected.  However, your name and contact information are still important to us; without your contact information, we cannot communicate back with you, nor apprise you of our efforts in addressing the concern you reported.