Records Request

The City of Hannibal is committed to openness in government and to that end makes its public records available for public inspection and copying to the fullest extent possible, subject to certain exceptions as set out in Missouri's Sunshine Law, RSMo Chapter 610*.

To facilitate access to records, you are asked to complete the form which can be downloaded using the link below or obtained in our office.  The City will act upon your request and make those requested records available to you for your inspection at City Hall at 320 Broadway at no cost as soon as possible.  Your request may be subject to delays for reasonable cause or may be denied, in whole or part, under Sunshine Law as closed records, which you will be notified promptly.

The request for paper copies of records is also available to you at your cost.  This type of request will be given the same attention but due to the amount of requested material, additional time may be required.  Cost for this type of request would include but not limited to:

Please contact our office if you have any additional questions.

Click HERE to download form.  This form can be completed and printed.  Please mail the completed hard copy form to:

City of Hannibal
ATTN:  City Clerk's Office
320 Broadway
Hannibal, MO  63401

The form can also be saved to your local computer and submitted to our forms upload page located HERE.

“Public record” is defined as:…any record, whether written or electronically stored, retained by or of any public governmental body including any report, survey, memorandum, or other document or study prepared for the public governmental body by a consultant or other professional service paid for a whole or in part by public funds, including records created or maintained by private contractors under an agreement with a public governmental body or on behalf of a public governmental body. The term “pub record” shall not include any internal deliberative decision making process of said body, unless such records are retained by the public governmental body presented at a public meeting. Any document or study prepared for a public governmental body by a consultant or other professional service as described in this subdivision shall be retained by a public governmental body in the same manner as any other public record…” RSMo 610.010(6)