Hannibal, MO Application for Liquor License

The owner or partner of the corporation must complete the application below. Print or email the PDF to yourself and deliver the completed application to the Hannibal Police Department. They will begin a background check. This is necessary to obtain a Liquor License. You must allow ten days from the time you apply for them to complete this check. Return the completed form, along with a $2,000.00 Surety Bond and your completed business license application.

Surety Bonds may be purchased at most insurance agencies for a fee. They will provide you with the proof that you need to bring back to us showing that you have purchased this bond. This bond MUST be kept current since we will periodically check to see if it is still active. Therefore, if for some reason you change your bonding company, they must notify the Clerk’s Office so that we have the current information on file.

Once these steps are completed successfully and the appropriate fees are paid, you will be awarded your licenses. This process does take a few days so, please plan accordingly as it is more than a 1-2 day process. This will allow you to conduct business in the City of Hannibal. You are still responsible to meet any requirements of the State of Missouri, since the State can dictate to us whether you can remain in operation.

City of Hannibal Requirements

Applicant must: 

  1. Be a registered voter of the State of Missouri
  2. Be a taxpayer of the State of Missouri
  3. Be of good moral character
  4. Be a native born or naturalized citizen of the USA
  5. Not previously had a Liquor License revoked
  6. Never been convicted of any violation of any law dealing with the manufacture, sale, or rectifying of intoxicating liquor
  7. Not employ any person who has been convicted if any such violation, or who has had a Liquor License revoked

State Liquor Inspector Requirements

Applicant must provide (list includes, but is not limited to) the following: 

  1. Photo ID
  2. Paid property tax receipts
  3. Voter’s registration card
  4. Must be a citizen/resident of the State of Missouri Criminal Background check completed by the Missouri Highway Patrol will be performed. Original check will be retained by the Liquor Inspector.

Background check will be performed for:

  1. Owner and/or partner of establishment (of Corporation)
  2. Stockholders (of Corporation)
  3. Managing Officer (of LLC)
  4. Member (of LLC)