City Traffic Committee

The city has a Traffic Committee who considers all requests by residents for certain traffic control changes, signage, etc.  Upon application, should the Traffic Committee recommend a particular traffic-flow change, the request is then forwarded to the mayor and city council for final consideration.

The Traffic Committee is comprised of one member each from the City Manager's Office, City Engineer's Office, Police Department, Fire Department, and Street Department.  The Traffic Committee is charged with reviewing requested changes to traffic patterns, such as requests for one-way traffic, enacting No Parking zones along certain corridors, disabled parking requests, and the like.  By having a committee that studies and reviews such requests beforehand, the city council can make a more informed decision.

Any requests for changes to traffic-flow should be directed to the Street Department, who will schedule a Traffic Committee meeting for consideration of the request.  The applicant is encouraged to make the request in-writing, and is also encouraged to attend the Traffic Committee meeting, once it is scheduled, to fully explain their request to the Traffic Committee, answer any questions, and contribute to the ultimate solution.