Street Sweeping

The city has two street sweeping machines.  During normal weather, at-least one street sweeping machine is always in operation - the whole workday, every workday.

Downtown commercial streets which carry high traffic volumes, are generally swept on a daily basis, because they “dirty” so frequently.  Other streets are swept on a routine/rotation basis, as the street sweeper(s) cycle throughout the community.

Outside factors beyond the Street Department’s immediate knowledge may cause undue accumulation of street debris at any time.  For instance, certain private construction projects, unanticipated truck traffic to-and-from certain businesses/industries, or heavy winds/rains can cause significant debris buildup on otherwise low-traveled and clean streets.  Please contact the Street Department at 573-221-0111 ext. 205 or use the form at the bottom of this page (and select "Street Sweeping" from the drop-down box) if this occurs on your street; they can immediately schedule for your street to be swept.  Otherwise, your street will be addressed through regular rotation.

Final Note:  Dust Control

Both city street sweepers are equipped with internal water sprayers to moderate dust during sweeping.  However, during very cold weather, the use of water sprayers will damage the internal machinery (machine specifications discourage use of the water sprayers in freezing temperatures).  Therefore, on very cold days, you may see clouds of dust around the street sweepers.  Please bear with us; the only alternative is to avoid sweeping on very cold days; an alternative often used, though certain days during the winter absolutely require street sweeping - regardless of temperature - to remove all the salt, sand, and grime accumulated from snow plowing operations, which causes skidding and other vehicle hazards.

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