Mayor's address

Mayor James Hark urged personal responsibility as he asked Hannibal residents to work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

He stressed the importance of safety measures to stem the tide of rising COVID-19 cases across Marion County.  He said he receives weekly updates from health and emergency officials and the infection rate is troubling.

Marion County has now reached the Category 1: Extreme Risk due to the positivity rate of 18.7 percent, as reported by the Marion County Health Department. According to the governor’s local government advisory, counties in this category should encourage three strategies:

Hark said he is trying to pass along the governor’s guidelines that were released Friday, Nov. 20.

“I want to stress personal responsibility. Often we look to the government to tell us how we should act and when we should act. What we’re facing now is beyond governmental control. You have a personal responsibility to yourself, to your family and to others to do the right thing.”

He praised businesses who have changed business models due to the Covid-9 pandemic, establishing drive-up service and online ordering when possible.

He encouraged Hannibal residents to follow simple personal behavior guidelines:

November 24th, 2020