Street Repairs and Potholes

A pothole is a disruption in the surface of a roadway where a portion of the road material has broken away.  Most potholes result through fatigue of the pavement surface, though heavy stress loads can also form potholes.

As fractures in the pavement develop, they typically interlock into "alligator crack" patterns.  Chunks of pavement between fatigue cracks are then worked loose by vehicle tires, forming the pothole.

Pothole formation is exacerbated by low temperatures.  Freezing causes water to expand, placing greater stress on already-cracked pavements.  It is important to repair potholes as early as possible to prevent this.

Since asphalt is typically purchased by the ton, the department generally repairs a large series of potholes all at-once, systematically throughout Hannibal, as opposed to repairing just a single pothole.  It is not feasible to purchase material for a single pothole; however, if a singular pothole requires immediate repair due to safety or other factors, a material called “cold patch” can be used by the Street Department in the interim.  Further, since asphalt  plants are only open during the warm season, cold patch is used to fill potholes in winter months.

Please contact the Street Department at 573-221-0111 ext. 216 or use the form below (and select "Street Repairs/Potholes" from the drop-down box) to report any potholes for repair.  It is important to us that these problems be identified and repaired as quickly as possible.

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