Executive Department

The Executive Department comprises the Offices of the Mayor (Barry Louderman) and City Manager (Lisa Peck). The Mayor is the legal head of government and presides over all meetings of the city council. The Mayor is the sole individual authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the city and is charged with making most citizen appointments to the city’s various boards and commissions. The Mayor votes on all issues before the City Council but has no veto power.

The City Manager reports directly to the Mayor and City Council and serves as the chief administrative officer of the city by being responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations. The City Manager provides the Mayor and City Council with the information needed to make informed policy decisions and then implements the policy direction provided. The office responds to resident, business, and employee concerns. It also promotes community relations by working with the residential, business, and regional communities. The City Manager identifies and recommends future needs of the city, and advises the Mayor and City Council accordingly. Monthly reports from the City Manager are listed below.

The City Manager supervises the various city departments and is responsible for assuring quality service delivery and consistency in direction. Additionally, the City Manager provides executive support to all municipal departments, including personnel management, negotiations, public relations, financial management, and other related functions. The City Manager also develops and recommends the annual budget (and ensures the budget is executed as approved), the capital improvement program, and policy research. The City Manager is also responsible for the development of long-range plans, policy research and recommendations, and hiring employees.

City Council

Monthly Management Reports

View the latest monthly management reports from the City of Hannibal, MO. If you have additional questions about these reports, please contact your councilman or City Hall at 573-221-0111.