Hannibal Regional Airport

Hannibal Airport
Hannibal Runway

The Hannibal Regional Airport (William P. Lear Field) serves the greater Hannibal community and its surrounding areas. The airport serves a number of Hannibal businesses, medical emergency services, and recreational users. It is located west of downtown Hannibal, north of Highway 36, Shinn Lane exit, then 1.5 miles north on County Road 425.

  • Address: 6079 C.R. 425, Hannibal, MO 63401
  • Phone: 573-406-3728
  • Lat: 39 43 30.60 N   Lon: 91 26 37.90 W
  • Elevation: 769’     Runway: 100’ x 4400’ (constructed of concrete with a parallel taxiway)
  • Approaches: LPV (WAAS) for 17 & 35
  • Lighting: MED     VGSI: P4L     AWOS: 120.77     CTAF: 122.8         APPCH (Kansas City Center): 135.525
  • NOTE:  Runway 35 is the RIGHT Traffic pattern.
  • NOTE:  Do not overfly Hannibal Regional Hospital located southwest of the airport. Be alert for helicopter traffic operating to and from the hospital.

Hannibal Regional Airport has had many improvements. We have already put in a new runway with taxiways and a large apron. GPS WAAS approaches were recently developed with minimums down to 250’ and our fuel system offers both 100 low lead and Jet-A, and is all self-serve 24-7. Things are very busy at Hannibal’s airport and will be for the foreseeable future.