Hannibal, MO Special Event Application

As America's Hometown, the City of Hannibal encourages special events, festivals, and parades in our community. These events add to our quality-of-life, and help make Hannibal a truly unique hometown!

In encouraging these events however, the City remains cognizant of possible impacts to non-participants, such as neighboring residents or nearby businesses. The City wants these events to have minimal impact on others.

City Council Approval

Special events that will occur solely on private property do not typically require City Council approval. The City simply asks that noise levels be contained, safety monitored, and trash/debris removed after the event. In essence, we ask for your consideration toward others. Special events that will (1) occur on public property, (2) require street closures, (3) involve outdoor retail sales, or (4) involve off-site liquor sales, first require City Council approval. For such events, please complete the Special Event Application below; execute the Hold Harmless Agreement then return it to the City Clerk. The City additionally requires a Certificate of Insurance; this certificate must list the City of Hannibal as an additional insured and must be endorsed.

On the application below, please fill-in the date that you would like the City Council to hear your request. It is very important that you (or a member of your organization) attend the Council Meeting to answer any questions. Questions typically involve ways to assure that surrounding residents are not negatively impacted.

City Council meetings are the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month. 

To be placed on a Council Meeting agenda, this Application must be submitted to the City Clerk no later than the Wednesday preceding that Council Meeting. This is very important, as the City Clerk has a legal deadline for publishing the agenda, and the City Council, by law, can only act on items listed on the agenda.

We have created this Special Event Application to help simplify your review process. We wish you well with your Special Event, and thank you for contributing to our quality of life here in America's Hometown!

Requirements for Special Event Vendors

Sponsors of special events will be required to contact the Department of Revenue at 314-877-0177 to request special event sales tax packets for each vendor.

Prior to issuing licenses a cover sheet from the Department of Revenue verifying packets were requested/received must be provided.

Business License

The business/group promoting and organizing the event for profit must obtain a City of Hannibal Business License. Contact City Hall at 573-221-0111 for more information.


Review the City of Hannibal Municipal Code Chapter 3 Alcoholic Beverages. Approval is needed from the City of Hannibal. If your Special Event involves off-site liquor sales, you must have a valid liquor license, or a specific State exemption thereof before the City Council can consider your Special Event. The City Clerk at 573-221-0111 is available to answer any questions you may have.

Retail Vendors

If retail sales are being made, vendors are required to collect and report sales tax to the Missouri Department of Revenue. Tax packets may be obtained by calling 573-751-3505 or by visiting the Business Tax Registration Forms.

Food Vendors

If food is to be served, each food vendor must receive approval from the Marion County Health Department

Parade or Other Run/Walk Event

Special events that occur on public property, require street closures, or involve outdoor retail sales, first require City Council approval. Parades require you to obtain a permit from the Police Department after Council Approval, but prior to your event. You must contact the Police Department within 10 days of your event to secure the appropriate parade permit.


Must provide its own method of security.

Waste Removal/Recycling & Port-a-Potties

Responsibility of the event holder. Not supplied by the city.


Available through the Street Department.


A fireworks show or display must be conducted by an independent fireworks operator approved by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.

All special events must contact the Hannibal Fire Department for appropriate permits.